Sam: Hi Mike, these grilled burgers are delicious! You are quite the barbecue master.

Mike: Thanks, Sam. I’m glad you enjoy them. Do you want another one?

Sam: Not yet, but soon. I’m still enjoying this one.

Tom: Mike, I must say this barbecue chicken is incredibly tender and flavorful. What’s your secret?

Mike: Oh, it’s simple, really. I marinated it overnight with a blend of spices. And cooking it on a low heat, of course.

Sam: Well, it certainly paid off. The chicken is excellent.

Tom: I agree. And these grilled vegetables are a nice touch. They are perfectly charred and tasty.

Mike: Thanks, I’m glad you like them. The secret is to not overcook them.

Sam: Mike, I think we’re lucky to have you as our cook today. These foods are truly outstanding.

Mike: Thanks, guys. It’s my pleasure to cook for you.

Tom: Well, we really appreciate it, Mike. Everything tastes fantastic.

Sam: Absolutely, this is one of the best barbecues I’ve ever had.

Mike: I’m really glad to hear that. Thank you both!





1. Who is the cook at the barbecue party?
2. What foods are mentioned in the dialogue?
3. What is Mike’s secret to making tender and flavorful chicken?
4. How does Mike make the grilled vegetables tasty?
5. How do Sam and Tom feel about Mike’s cooking?



1. grilled burgers (グリルしたバーガー) /ɡrɪld ˈbɜːrɡərz/
2. delicious (美味しい) /dɪˈlɪʃəs/
3. barbecue master (バーベキューの達人) /ˈbɑːrbɪkjuː ˈmæstər/
4. marinated (漬け込んだ) /ˈmærɪneɪtɪd/
5. overnight (一晩中) /ˌoʊvərˈnaɪt/
6. blend of spices (スパイスのブレンド) /blɛnd ɒv ˈspaɪsɪz/
7. low heat (弱火) /loʊ hiːt/
8. tender (柔らかい) /ˈtɛndər/
9. flavorful (風味豊かな) /ˈfleɪvərfʊl/
10. grilled vegetables (焼き野菜) /ɡrɪld ˈvɛdʒtəbəlz/
11. charred (焦げた) /tʃɑːrd/
12. overcook (焦がす) /ˌoʊvərˈkʊk/
13. outstanding (優れた) /ˌaʊtˈstændɪŋ/
14. fantastic (素晴らしい) /fænˈtæstɪk/
15. best (最高の) /bɛst/
16. appreciate (感謝する) /əˈpriːʃiːeɪt/



1. Have you ever been to a barbecue?
– あなたは今までにバーベキューに参加したことがありますか?

2. What is your favorite food to cook at a barbecue?
– バーベキューで一番好きな料理は何ですか?

3. Do you prefer barbecue chicken or barbecue beef?
– バーベキューチキンとバーベキュービーフ、どちらが好きですか?

4. Who usually cooks at your family barbecues?
– 家族のバーベキューではだれが通常料理をしますか?

5. How often do you have barbecues?
– どのくらいの頻度でバーベキューをしますか?

6. What do you like about barbecues?
– バーベキューの何が好きですか?

7. Do you like to marinate your meats before barbecuing them?
– バーベキューの前に肉をマリネしますか?

8. What do you think makes a good barbecue?
– いいバーベキューとは何だと思いますか?